What’s So Great About Freeze-dried Dog Treats

Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Freeze-dried dog treats are becoming an extremely popular healthier alternative treat for dogs and dog parents who want good dog treats without the high sugar content and ingredients that are harmful to their pups health. At first glance, it might seem like just another marketing buzzword to get dog parents to spend more money because of their higher price. But these all-natural treats provide so many benefits to your dog’s health - fueling their body with wholesome ingredients that bring a positive change to their health. 


With many dog parents growing increasingly concerned over what’s actually added in their pups dog food and treats, we’re here to give you the 411 on raw freeze-dried dog treats so you can be better informed about this wonderful healthier alternative.

What are freeze-dried dog treats

Let's start with defining what freeze-dried dog treats actually are. 

Essentially, freeze-dried dog treats look exactly like kibble, except they are minimally processed. The ingredients are frozen at low temperatures which turns them into ice and preserves their nutrients. Then, through the process of sublimation, 99% of the moistures is removed. The final step is to have them packed in an airtight container to prevent spoilage. 

The simple process of making raw freeze-dried dog food and treats makes it easy for any ingredient to be freeze-dried. From traditional meat to fruits & vegetables, you name it, you can have it freeze-dried to keep the natural nutrients in these ingredients intact. 

It opens up a whole new world of options for dog parents who prefer to feed their little ones vegan/vegetarian diet. Dogsee Chew, for example, has single-ingredient gluten-free dog treats that come in various flavours - apple, banana and beetroot so you can provide your pup goodness straight from nature while avoiding the mess.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

You might be wondering whether freeze-dried food is really worth the hype? Is it really worth making the switch from traditional treats that you often see in mass retailers?

We know how important it is for dog parents to fully understand the benefits of any product before making the leap. We’ve rounded up some benefits of raw freeze-dried dog treats to tell you exactly why there are a better alternative to other types of treats. 

Minimal Processing 

Heat alters the chemical composition of dog food and treats, and the nutrients present in these ingredients. Let’s take kibble and other dry dog treats, for example. They are known to be highly processed and this high heat extracts all the natural nutrients and vitamins. So then, manufacturers have to go back and add ingredients that are actually toxic to our dogs' health. 

The process and additives introduce many toxins to pups body such as aflatoxins, heterocyclic amines, acrylamides and even PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) which is basically a chemical used as a flame retardant. 

So, as pet parents, you’re thinking that you’re providing your little high quality food and treats while actually giving them food and treats that have low nutritional value and pump carcinogens into their body exposing them to diseases such anemia, liver or kidney failure, cancer and premature death. 

A study was conducted in Belgium revealed that dog parents who fed their little ones high quality ingredients consisting of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals as opposed to commercial, highly processed dog food and treats had a life expectancy of 30 months longer - that is 3 additional years you could be adding to your pups life! 

What’s great about freeze-dried foods and treats is that they are processed at very low temperatures, and basically uses the atmosphere to remove the moisture from the ingredients. So the chemical composition of the ingredients are not altered during the process which eliminates the need to add additives. 

Furthermore, raw freeze-dried dog food and treats contain very minimal ingredients - they are essentially made from single-ingredients like the Dogsee Chew treats mentioned above. So even if your little one has allergies, you will be able to avoid these ingredients that pose a risk to their health while still having options for freeze-dried treats made from other ingredients. 

More Nutrition

If we look at what our dogs' ancestors ate in the wild before they became domesticated, we would learn that they primarily ate raw meat, vegetable and fruit scraps, and bones. These were high protein, high quality foods that didn’t pose a threat to their health because they were consuming natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals already present in these foods. 

Freeze-dried dog treats are essentially the same thing and provide the same benefits for your pup. Because they are unadulterated, they’re preserving the nutrients and improving your pups health. Let's take apples, bananas and beetroot. Apple promotes healthy skin and shiny coats, bananas help build proteins and hormones, and beetroot helps create red blood cells and hemoglobin. 

If you were to feed your little one fresh fruits and veggies, you would end up with a glob of mess on your floor that would call for frequent cleanups. With raw freeze dog treats, you’ll be providing your best friend high quality hard treats made with real veggies and fruits that wouldn’t require any additional cleanup from your end. You can sit back and relax while your pup munches on these delicious treats. 

Better Value For Your Money 

The pricing of your dog food and treats is determined by their net weight. If you take the price of dry dog treats and consider how much value you’re really getting - you end up getting nothing. In fact, you end up paying more in hospital fees because while you think you may be getting more treats to last a long time, you’re getting ingredients with high toxic content that pose a health risk. 

Now, the freeze-drying process removes the water content from these ingredients which significantly reduces their net weight, and hence, their price. So, a 1 oz pack of freeze-dried apple treats made from real apples priced at 199 rupees is actually equivalent to 10oz of fresh apples! From this point of view, you’re getting more value, protein and benefits for your money, improving your dog's health which means disease prevention and less vet bills in the future. 

Less Food Waste

Food waste is a common byproduct of consumption even in pet care. And, extending the shelf life of food generally leads to added preservatives or additional ingredients as we see in commercial dog food and treats. The best part of freeze-dried dog treats is that it naturally extends the shelf life of food. So you can buy them in bulk and save money without worrying about creating food waste. Also, you’d be protecting your little one from bad bacteria which often breed in water. Since freeze-drying removes moisture, it prevents the breeding of bad bacteria in treats so you can rest assured that the ingredients are safe for your pet while making a positive change for the betterment of the environment.

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Dogsee Freeze-Dried Dog Treats 

When it comes to choosing the best dog treats for your little pooch, it can get pretty overwhelming with so many choices and marketing gimmicks played out in the industry. That’s why Dogsee was created - to deliver high quality treats that do just what they say and improve your pups health. Made from 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, Dogsee Crunch gluten and grain-free, single-ingredient raw freeze-dried dog treats come packed with nutrients and health benefits to ensure that you and your pup can have more time together. 

So make the healthier switch to all-natural freeze-dried treats to keep your dog smiling and thriving!

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