Pet parents are well aware of the fact that their fur babies have the habit of chewing things. From puppies to senior dogs, everyone loves to chew. But every dog varies in how much they chew and how heavy chewers they are. It can sometimes make things difficult as their chewing habits may prove to be destructive. But puppies and dogs should be allowed to chew when they need to as it is very beneficial for their dental health. As pet parents, you can provide them with safe and appropriate doggie treats or dog snacks to chew on for not only maintaining their oral hygiene but also to prevent them from destroying household items. 

Chewing is a natural instinct for all canines. It is higher in puppies than in adult dogs. Chewing is an excellent way to exercise the jaw muscles, remove plaque and tartar, soothe teething in puppies and also keep them engaged mentally. 

Why do Puppies chew?

Have you ever wondered why your pooch loves to chew? There are several reasons behind it. Before restricting your puppy from chewing, figure out the cause of chewing and then take appropriate measures to address the behavior. 

  • - Puppies like to explore the world and hence they chew anything they get.
  • - They chew to relieve teething pain.
  • - Some fur babies find chewing to be soothing and they do it to calm themselves down. 
  • - Chewing relieves boredom in dogs.
  • - Dogs chew to relieve anxiety and stress.
  • According to Pets Web MD, dogs may also suffer from dental issues or periodontal diseases. They also suffer from these diseases if they are ignored or taken casually by their parents. Dental problems in dogs may lead to broken teeth, infected gums or even organ failure if bacteria enter into the bloodstream through diseased gums. From doggie treats to dental diets, all of it makes a huge difference to your doggo’s teeth, gums and overall oral hygiene.