Dogsee Chew

Finest Himalayan Cheese Treats

Handcrafted for your dog

How it all began

It started when our founder, Bhupi, went on a trek to Ilam, Nepal and realized that stray dogs were eating Churpi, typically a human food and an ancient Himalayan recipe. These dogs were stealing the irresistible Churpi from houses and looked super healthy with their shiny coats and energetic behavior. That's when it struck Bhupi that this is the perfect treat - tasty and healthy, and that was it. He decided to create the most delicious dog treats for dogs all across the globe, and that’s how Dogsee Chew was born. From safe chews for puppies to dental treats for large dogs, we’ve now got it all!

Our cheesy journey

what makes our cheese great

What makes our cheese great

Apple of our eyes

100% Natural


Human Grade


Grain & Gluten-Free

Calcium and Protein-Rich

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