The Benefits of Eliminating Gluten With Gluten-free Dog Treats

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“Life is great. Dogs make it better.”


The puppy eyes, wagging tales, warm hugs, and wet kisses - things that can brighten up every dog parent’s day (and night). Our furry friends are indeed a blessing in our lives and keep them happy and healthy is every dog parent’s responsibility. 


Pet parents are always on the lookout to ensure that the furry ones get the best of everything - be it ample playdates, adequate exercises or mental stimulation. But what about your doggo’s diet? Are you sure you’re feeding them the right things?


Your choices decide the health of your pooch and one of the first steps for their better life is to switch to grain and gluten-free treats.

Why is gluten harmful to doggos?

Gluten is a mix of two proteins, glutenin and gliadin. When dogs are unable to digest gluten-filled foods or treats, these abnormal proteins create a reaction in the small intestine. This reaction can lead to the immune system attacking the gastrointestinal tract, thus damaging the intestinal linings. 

Symptoms of Gluten Sensitivity:

  • Non-stop itching
  • Diarrhoea
  • Weight loss
  • Mood swings
  • Restlessness
  • Vomiting
  • Skin and ear infections
  • Unhealthy condition of coat
  • Immune dysfunction

A gluten-free treat is what separates a good dog treat from a bad one

Benefits of Gluten-Free Dog Treats

Gluten-free dog treats have a lot of health benefits that can help your doggo live a healthy and hearty life. Moreover, if the treats are all-natural, they can’t get better.

Here are some reasons why gluten-free treats are so important in your doggo’s diet - 

Easy Digestion

Dogs are incapable of digesting grains and gluten completely. This is because starchy carbohydrates are broken down by an enzyme called amylase, and biologically dogs do not have enough of this enzyme in their bodies to break down and digest carbs.  

Gluten-free dog treats have a higher protein content than carbohydrates, which is beneficial for the digestive system of doggos. It is also advised to provide your doggo with protein-enriched treats if you notice any digestive issues in them.

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Enhanced Nutrition

Grain and gluten-filled treats may come cheap, but they can have an adverse effect on your doggo’s nutritional health. Commercial dog treats contain grain and gluten as ‘fillers’ for easy and mass production, but with very little nutritional value. Choosing the right dog treats is very important for your pooch’s nutritive health.

Gluten-free treats have the right amounts of protein, fibre and essential vitamins that balance the nutrition and serve as a complete meal. You’ll be easily able to see the difference in your dog’s agility and activity while feeding them gluten-free dog treats.

More Energy

Gluten-free treats mean high protein value, which is the main source of energy for doggos. It would keep your doggos more active and happy, and you can also benefit from it in the form of more wet kisses and hugs! 

Gluten-free treats are highly recommended for doggos who are pregnant or lactating, as it will provide the required energy for delivering babies and providing them with the necessary nutrients.

Healthy Coat and Skin

Dietary deficiencies caused by filler treats often leads to various skin problems in dogs. However, gluten-free treats contain enough vitamins and minerals along with other nutritional facts that not just boost immunity but also help maintain a shiny and healthy coat. 

Gluten-free dog treats are high in protein, meaning the presence of omega 3 fatty acids that support a shiny and strong coat and healthy skin of your doggo. A stronger coat would also mean less shedding, which is a blessing for every dog parent, isn’t it?

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Weight Management

Too much grain and gluten (carbohydrates) in your doggo’s diet can lead to excessive weight gain, which can further cause numerous health problems. Gluten-free treats have high fruit and vegetable content or good carbohydrates that help your pooch maintain a healthy weight. They help maintain muscle mass and instead burn stored fat. And like other animals, dogs tend to burn more fat when they have more muscle mass.

Moreover, these treats are high on nutrition that keeps them full for longer hours and prevents overeating.

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Fresh Breath

Poor nutrition is one of the main causes of mouth odour in doggos and one of the effective ways to deal with it is a proper diet. Treats that are filled with grain and gluten often add to the problem due to the high carbohydrate content and absence of fatty acids. Often, bad breath can also be a symptom of an underlying health issue like gastrointestinal or kidney problems. 

Gluten-free dog treats not only help freshen your doggo’s breath but can also help maintain oral health like preventing plaque and tartar. Depending on your doggo’s oral health, you can opt for hard or soft dog treats.

Allergy Prevention

Food allergies can cause a lot of discomfort and even health issues for your doggo. Allergic reactions can lead to gastric issues, rashes, diarrhoea, vomiting, skin and ear infections. 

The most common ingredients responsible for allergies in dogs are perceived to be wheat, soy and corn. Commercial gluten-filled dog treats are mostly made with these ingredients, and there’s a high chance of triggering an allergic reaction if you feed them to your doggos.

Gluten-free treats that are made from minimum ingredients can keep allergies at bay. However, it is always recommended to take your pooch to a vet if such a problem persists. 

Dogsee’s 100% Natural, Grain and Gluten-Free Treats

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Dogsee dog treats are completely natural treats, handcrafted with love and perfection to give your furry ones the best of nutrition. Dogsee treats are free from artificial flavouring, colour and preservatives, and are grain and gluten-free. Dogsee treats are available in 3 categories - 

Hard Bars - Long-lasting gluten-free dog chews made from the traditional recipe called ‘churpi’ that are not just delicious but healthy too!

Puffed Treats - Made from yummy cheese that are loaded with nutrition and are the perfect gluten-free treats for the training sessions!

Crunch - Freeze-dried and single ingredient dog treats made from real fruits and veggies which is both tasty and healthy.

Choose Natural, Choose Healthy because we all agree that your doggo deserves the best!

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