Nutrition Facts to Check Before Buying Dog Treats

There are innumerable kinds of dog treats available for pets in the market. Pet parents love it when they see their pooch excited and delighted on seeing treats. This proves that treats are an essential commodity in every pet parent’s shopping list.

Every pet parent should always check the list of ingredients before buying any edible product for their pooch. Most of the basic information that is required for you to know about the product is mentioned on the label, which usually states what actually the treats are made of.

Few basic things to be kept in mind while buying dog training treats are:

  • - Read the ingredients carefully and avoid purchasing products that contain any artificial preservatives, colours or animal by-products in it.
  • - Check the list for ingredients your dog may be allergic to.
  • - Always check the expiry date of the product you are buying.
  • How to choose the right Dog treat:

  • 1. Say No to Sugar

  • Feeding treats with high sugar content to your fur buddy is an unhealthy choice and not much advisable. Eating it such puppy treats on a regular basis can cause hypoglycemia, tooth decay, arthritis, obesity, nervousness, cataracts and allergies to your dogs.

  • Always make sure to avoid feeding sugar treats to your dogs. Usually, manufacturers often use different names for sugar like sucrose, caramel or corn syrup. So watch out for such terms on the product labels before buying. 

  • 2. Grain/Gluten Free

  • Many dogs are allergic to grains/gluten. Feeding grain-rich treats to your dogs in high amount can lead to health problems like irritable bowel syndrome, itching, inflamed skin and more such diseases. In general, dogs need protein to lead a healthy life which can be derived from grain/gluten-free dog treats. Dog chew sticks that are nutritious, grain-free and rich in protein are ideal for your little one’s wellbeing. 

  • 3. No added salt

  • Salt is an essential nutrient but just like human beings, if taken in excess amounts, it can give rise to various diseases such as heart problems, low haemoglobin concentration, increased water intake and so on. Salt is often listed under ingredients with other names like sodium chloride, iodized salt or sea salt. So look for dog treats which have less or no salt in their product ingredients.

  • 4. Artificial Colors

  • Colouring agents are added to pet treats to change its appearance. These treats are highly processed foods. Due to added colours, the treats look more appealing to the pet parents, tempting them to purchase it. These colours that are used in pet foods or treats can adversely affect the health of your dog. So opt for dog treats that are natural and free from artificial, colours, chemicals and preservatives.

  • Keep a few things in mind while feeding treats to your dog:

    • - Never overfeed your dog as this can lead to obesity and other associated diseases.
    • - A sick or stressed dog may require more amount of protein in their diet.
    • - An unbalanced diet which is rich in carbohydrates and/or fibre may cause constipation, bloating and other digestive problems.
    • - Include healthy fats in your dog’s diet as it keeps their skin and coats healthy. Even an overweight dog needs a certain amount of fat in his diet.
    • - Always choose 100% natural and preservative-free treats for your pooch.
    • - Water keeps the bodily process flowing, make sure your dog is well hydrated.
    • Treats that are loaded with an optimum amount of nutrients like calcium, protein etc. are safe for the consumption of your dog. Vets can also help you in choosing the right treat for a dog. Dogsee Chew India produces 100% natural and grain/gluten-free dog treats or chew sticks. These treats are unprocessed and free from preservatives, colours and artificial flavours. They are absolutely safe for your bundle of joy!

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