Getting a new pup home is indeed an exciting moment for every pet parent. The cute face, innocent eyes and squishy body makes you want to spend all the time with your little furry friend. However, one major concern of every pet parent at this time is choosing the right kind of healthy puppy treats that would help in the pup’s development in their growing up years.

With so many options available in the market, it may get a bit overwhelming to decide on the right one, especially while choosing treats for teething puppies. Whatever you choose, these important things needs to be considered while getting healthy puppy treats  - 

1. Number of ingredients used

When it comes to dog treat ingredients, remember that less is more. The lesser the ingredients will be, the more will be the nutritional value of the treat. 

It is true that the number of ingredients in a puppy chew stick does not matter as long as they are of good quality and beneficial to health. However,  most commercial treats have artificial fillers, colors and flavouring - along with preservatives that may pose a health threat to doggos in the long run. Lesser ingredients in treats mean more nutrition and better chances of digestion. This is all the more important for doggos who have gluten intolerance or a sensitive stomach. For them, single ingredient treats are the best option.

2. Quality of the ingredients

The second important thing is to check the kind of ingredients that go into the treats. The ingredients may be natural, but all natural foods may not be suitable for doggos. In fact,  foods like chocolate or raisins can also prove toxic for them. Hence, as pet parents, you should always cross-check the ingredients that go into the treat.

Apart from toxic foods, the calorie and fat content in the treats also need to be checked. Puppies tend to consume more calories compared to adult doggos as a lot of it is spent on playing and growing. Experts state that only 10% of a doggo’s diet should be treats, but in case of puppies sometimes it can exceed majorly because of the training sessions. Therefore, choose such treats that are less on fat and more on essential nutrients.

Contrary to certain myths, hard chews are a good option as they are long-lasting compared to ones that go down in a gulp.

3. Size of the treat

The size of your pup also matters when it comes to providing them with the right nutrition. For example, a German Shepherd pup and  a Chihuahua pup will have different nutritional requirements. Not only that, a small breed pup may have difficulty in tackling a big sized treat. So, it is better to choose a treat size based on your doggo’s size and breed. 

Dogsee dog treats are available in 3 different sizes - small, medium and large - that can be chosen keeping in mind the size of the doggo. This way, the nutritional value is never compromised on, instead the right nutritional amount is added to your pup’s diet from treats.

4. Choose the brand wisely

Just like you would like to give the best to your little one, the same goes for your little furry friends. Hence, choosing the right brand is very important, especially when it comes to getting the best nutrition for puppies. The market is no doubt filled with commercial treats, which contain fillers and artificial ingredients that may prove harmful for your pup in the long run. 

Popular and reputable brands like Dogsee always use fresh and healthy ingredients in their dog treats. These 100% natural treats provide the best nutrition for puppies and help in your pup’s growth and development.

5. Treats & Exercise

Feeding your pup with healthy treats is important, but it is also important to ensure that they have a healthy weight. If your pup is underweight, there will be issues in development whereas an overweight doggo can be at a risk of developing diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, etc. Adequate training and exercise is equally important.

An interesting way to achieve this target is to use healthiest puppy treats while training, especially in the growing up years. Along with that, seeking veterinary advice to ensure your puppy is in good health and getting the right nutrition.

Dogsee 100% Natural and Nutritious Dog Treats

Dogsee was born out of our extraordinary love for doggos, and all Dogsee treats are undoubtedly as pure as your love. These healthiest puppy treats are made from the finest cheese of the Himalayas or real fruits and vegetables from the choicest farms. The 100% natural treats are free from artificial colour and flavouring, and without preservatives. 

Dogsee’s puppy treats are available as -


  • Small bars: These long lasting dental chews are ideal for keeping plaque and tartar at bay, along with providing the necessary calcium. The small bars are made from cheese that has been sun-dried for over 35 days and smoked to perfection. The rich, cheesy flavour keeps the doggo’s  breath fresh while keeping them engaged for a long time. The bars also come in a turmeric flavour that provides alleviation in joints and stronger immunity.

  • Crunchies: Crunchies are also smoke dried, and then slightly heated to give the treat a crunchy texture. These delicious treats are rich in protein and promote a healthy skin and shiny coat.

  • Crunch: Dogsee Crunch are single ingredient treats that are free-dried to retain nutrients. Made from fruits and vegetables, these are perfect for your pup’s training sessions. Crunch is available in four delicious flavours - apple, banana, coconut and beetroot.

As pet parents, you would want to give your furry friends nothing but the best, and we ensure that there’s always the right treat available for your pup!

Choose Natural, Choose Dogsee.

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