Healthy Dog Treats To Boost Your Dog’s Immunity

A wagging tail, goofy barks, shiny coat and wet kisses - aren’t these the most lovable moments of every pet parents? We always want the best for our doggos and wish to see them hale and hearty at all times. However, our always excited furry friends are constantly exposed to a lot of harmful things that can affect their health. To fight it off, a strong immune system is very important for their overall wellbeing.

A healthy immune system works as the first line of defence for your doggo to fight off toxins, bacteria, free radicals, viruses and pathogens. According to PetMD, a proper immune system also caters to proper cell function in the canine body.

Dog Treats for a Strong Immunity

A well-balanced diet is the most important thing for a healthy immune system. 70% of the canine immune system involves the gastrointestinal system. While deciding on your doggo’s diet, it is important to opt for 100% natural and healthy dog treats. Commercial treats have a lot of fillers in them that deprive the pooches of the required nutrients. Natural treats, on the other hand, are free from chemicals, preservatives and artificial colours and flavours, and provide optimum nutritional value.

While choosing immunity-boosting dog treats for your doggos, keep in mind the two most important things -

Source of the Ingredients

The source of the ingredients that go into the treats is important to understand whether what you’re feeding to your doggos have enough nutritional value. You can look up the source in the packaging or on the product website. For example, Dogsee puppy chew sticks and all other products are sourced from the Himalayas, which is a reflection of the purity and naturalness of the products.

Ingredients Used

The next important factor to consider is the ingredients and the number of ingredients that are used in the treats. A lot of treats contain additional fillers which have no positive impact on your doggo’s health. The lesser the ingredients, the better.

Dog treats with ingredients that have antioxidant qualities can be great immunity boosters. Single-ingredient treats made from real fruits and vegetables like Dogsee Crunch are rich in antioxidants while being extremely nutritious.

Other Ways to Boost Your Pooch’s Immunity

You cannot keep your doggo healthy by keeping them at home all the time. Along with proper nutrition and opting for healthy treats, here are some other ways to boost your pooch’s immunity -

1. Proper weight management

If your pooch weighs more than their ideal weight, it can have an adverse effect on the immune system. Consult your vet to have a clear idea about what your doggo’s ideal weight should be and the number of calories that should be consumed on a daily basis. Controlling food potion and keeping them active are the main ways to manage your pooch’s weight and strengthen immunity.

2. Adequate exercise

A walk in the park or a little running is as important for pooches as it is for us humans. Daily workouts burn the extra calories, help in proper blood circulation, oxygenates the body and makes your pooches feel happy and healthy. You can make your doggo exercise by even playing games like fetch with them, and give a little puppy chew stick as a reward every time they are successful.

Source: Pexels

3. Keep bowls and toys clean

Doggos have the tendency to lick and sniff anything and everything that interests them - but it inside the house or outdoors. The carried germs then get transmitted to everything your pooch touches, especially the toys and the food bowls. Rinse these items daily with warm water and dry them thoroughly, else bacteria can breed on the surfaces.

4. Keep your pooch stress free

Like humans, even pooches are prone to stress, which can reduce their body’s ability to fight off diseases and affect their immune system. A healthy and stress-free environment is important to keep your furry friend happy and in good health. Keep a balance between proper meals, playtimes, nap time and spending time with your furry ones.

5. Regular health checkups

Your doggo shouldn’t be taken to the vet only when they are sick or injured. Like us, they also need regular health examinations to detect changes in their health and get their immunity checked. Your vet can also advise you on the best ways to boost your pooch’s immunity and keep them in good health.

Dogsee Chew: 100% Natural &  Healthy Dog Treats to Keep your Doggo Fit & Strong

Dogsee Chew dog treats are handcrafted with love and with the best natural ingredients. Both Dogsee Chew bars and Dogsee Crunch are completely natural, without chemicals, preservatives, grain and gluten. The human-grade Dogsee bars are made from the finest cheese and high in nutrition, while Dogsee Crunch are single-ingredient training treats made from real fruits and veggies, which are full of powerful antioxidants. The healthy dog treats by Dogsee helps keep your doggo’s immunity strong so that you always get to experience those wet kisses and wagging tales. 

Choose Natural, as when it comes to your pet, we know you want nothing but the best!

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