Why is Exercising Important for Your Dog?

Pooches and their hoomans have a thing in common - both need a decent amount of daily exercise to keep themselves fit and healthy.Exercising is a must for dogs to have a healthy body and mind. However, with urbanization at its peak, the availability of open areas and grounds has become very limited and this has equally affected the canine fraternity.

Due to our compact lifestyle, our dogs too are being compelled to get used to apartment life, a life they are not made for.This has led to obesity, behavioural problems and many other health issues. Hence, indulging them in physical activities is a must to prevent such abnormalities.

Health issues in dogs that can be managed by exercising:

1. Obesity

It is a major health issue in dogs but can be controlled with proper diet and exercise. Dogs require significant physical activity to maintain the balance between calorie intake and calorie burn per day.

When the amount of calorie burnt is less than the amount of calorie intake, they start getting obese. This increase in weight can create difficulties as it also affects their ‘carrying capacity’.

When a dog’s BMI goes beyond normal, it starts to affect their joints, backbone and spine. Obesity prevents dogs from doing what they enjoy the most - being active and running about in joy.

Moreover, it also decreases their speed and stamina. Obesity also is one of the primary reasons for arthritis in dogs.

However, when provided with sufficient physical activities on a daily basis, their chances of getting obese decreases significantly.

In addition to this, it also keeps your doggo free from joint, backbone and spine related problems.

Moreover, exercising regularly protects your dog from getting diabetic. Thus, daily exercises will certainly help your dogs to retain their fitness and enjoy it. 

As a pet parent, you can also provide them with natural dog training treats to make the activities fun and rewarding. Dogsee’s range of dog training treats is completely natural, human-grade and free from pesticides, artificial flavour and colouring. It is the best choice you can make to train your doggo in a healthy, smart and fun manner.

Benefits of Exercising Your Dog Regularly

2. Behavioural Control

Dogs are genetically programmed for a high-activity life. They are super active by nature. Ancestors of some breeds were bred to be even more active and were used as herds, patrollers and sledge pullers.

This had helped dogs satisfy their need for daily activities in the past. Nowadays, most pet dogs are confined to apartments. Restricting them from their required activities will develop frustrations in them that can lead to destructive behaviour. 

Pups and young dogs need very good activity levels in their everyday life and can become destructive if that need is not satisfied. These frustrations can be characterized by hyperactivity, barking, digging, chasing their own tails etc.

Exercising Your Dog
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Physical activity and exercise are therefore very important to avoid such behaviour. The activity level varies from breed to breed. Smaller breeds like pugs, chihuahua and spitz require less activity that can be satisfied with a daily walk.

Do not involve them in heavy activities. However, breeds like Akita, German Shepherd and Huskies require a very high level of activity.

However, you cannot expect them to do it by themselves. They need company or a coach to remain in shape. Make sure you’re beside them while they are exercising.

3. Diabetes

Just like us humans, our pooches too need regular exercise to shed off the extra calories consumed. Physical activity and exercise play a major role in preventing the onset of diabetes, as it helps to regulate the blood sugar levels.

It is important to take your doggo out for a walk once every day at the very least. Depending on your dog’s health, age and breed, you can include other forms of activity like playing fetch, tug of war or swimming. Rewarding them with healthy dog treats time to time can keep your doggos interested in the game. 

Regular Exercise for Your dog
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4. Arthritis

Arthritis is a common health condition in dogs, and a major reason for it is genetic inheritance, However, the right preventive measures can ensure that your doggo does not spend their life in pain or discomfort.

Swimming is quite a good exercise to consider for your pup as that’s easy on their joints. However, it also depends on the breed. For example, a lab would love spending time in the water but a poodle may not enjoy it so much.

But regular exercises, in any form, will help in obesity control and also keep their limbs strong, thus preventing arthritis.

health benefits of exercising for dogs
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5. Digestion

Constipation is a problem faced by a lot of dogs.  Exercises help in digestion and will help them battle constipation since exercises reduce the time taken by the food to move through the large intestine. A regular walk can also help prevent constipation.

6. Heart diseases

Heart, like other muscles of the body, gets stronger due to exercising and thus help in pumping more blood. It also helps in lowering the blood pressure and reducing strain on the heart. Daily exercises will make your doggo’s heart and lungs stronger. Some exercises like ‘Disc Dog’ also help to stimulate their brain and have a sound body and mind.

Dog Exercising
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Exercising, without a doubt, helps your dogs to stay fit and remain physically and mentally sound. Apart from these benefits, it also helps in enhancing the bond you share with your canine friend. Spending time or investing time with your dog will help in building trust and a deeper connection with your furry friend. We recommended that you be their trainer and make them exercise daily to see the collective results.

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