Dental Chews are some of the most frequently purchased items for puppies and dogs. The most obvious benefit that comes to the mind of pet parents when they think of dental chews is the fact that they’re an easy alternative to daily brushing. While this is true, they also provide so many more benefits as long as you choose the right chews. 

If you have a pup with a sensitive stomach, it might seem like a never-ending trial and error that often ends in indigestion or sometimes even vomiting. But we’re going to make your lives easier. In this blog, we’re going to tell you how to choose the best dental chews for your pup with a sensitive stomach, so keep reading to find out. 

Ingredients to Avoid When Choosing Dental Chews 

Before we get to the good stuff, let’s start at the beginning - the ingredients. By looking closely at what you need to avoid, you can ensure that your pup is overall healthy and happy. 

Grain/ Gluten 

Food allergies is one of the most common allergies that affect dogs. Grain and gluten are two most common food allergens. Unlike other allergies, however, food allergies don’t often cause an immediate reaction - or at least in an extreme way. Your dog could become allergic to food that he’s been consuming since he was a pup. This is because an antibody production in response to some substance in the food is required for an allergy to develop. 

Chemicals, Preservatives and Additives

Chemicals and preservatives are substances that are hard to identify in many pet food products. Even if you decide to glance at the back, the ingredient names look foreign enough that they can’t be identified with a simple google search. So invariably, whether you intend to or not, your little ones end up consuming chemicals and preservatives through their food. 

When preservatives enter your pup’s bloodstream and interact with molecules, that’s when they turn toxic. So similar to grain/gluten, these chemicals and preservatives consumed via food don’t manifest themselves through a severe reaction. The damage is done from within for years to come. They affect your pup’s health to the point that they shorten their life expectancy without any symptoms surfacing. In fact, some pet parents don’t find this out until it’s too late. 

Heavy Processing 

There has been a lot of debate concerning heavily processed food and minimally processed foods. Is it really something to be concerned about? In short, it absolutely is. 

Let’s take commercial brands as an example. They need to restock the shelves at hundreds of thousands of retailers. The only way they can meet demand and deadline is by processing their food so their brand can be stocked regularly, and can be readily available for consumers to purchase at any given time. If the products claim to contain nutrients from all-natural ingredients, what happens when they’re processed? 

Nutrients are only intact as long as they’re left unaltered. Heavy processing alters the natural makeup of the ingredient and sucks away all the natural nutrients. When the product reaches the end of the assembly line, all that’s left is dried up, processed food without any nutrients present whatsoever. This is also why commercial brands need to go back in and add preservatives. The preservatives are essentially “artificial nutrients” that allow the brand to make the claim of being “healthy” on their packaging to attract consumers. 

Best Dog Dental Chews for Sensitive Stomach 

The best thing you can buy for your pup is all-natural treats and toys that are non-toxic and made without any preservatives, chemicals or additives. How can you tell whether treats are toxic or non-toxic? There are two ways to ensure that your pup is consuming only the best quality ingredients available: by looking at the ingredient list, and by opting for handcrafted, human-grade treats rather than mass-manufactured treats. 

Hard Bars made from Yak and Cow Cheese

These are long lasting dental chews from Dogsee Chew that are calcium and protein-rich to promote a healthy dental hygiene. They come in 3 sizes - small, medium, and large - so you can pick the perfect size for your pup. In addition to regular hard bars, Dogsee Chew has Turmeric Hard Bars which are infused with turmeric and contain curcumin and strong natural antioxidants that help prevent plaque and tartar buildup, and keep their breath fresh

These hard chews are perfect to keep your pup entertained for a long period of time. Unlike rawhides and other dental chews, these are made from natural cow and yak cheese so they’re just hard enough to get in the crook and nooks of their teeth and remove all the gunk but soft enough to melt away in their mouth. 

Puffed Treats Made from Yak and Cow Cheese

Dogsee Chew’s puffed treats are soft dental chews that are slightly heated to attain the perfect crunch. Because they are slightly heated, they form uneven shapes, and these edges make plaque and tartar removal easy. These treats are also great for keeping your pup’s coat shiny and skin healthy. 

Within the puffed range, Dogsee Chew offers 3 different treats suitable for dogs of all ages. 

  • The bite-sized treats are great for training, and help maintain weight while providing energy. 

  • The crunchies are great for small dogs and puppies, helping improve their dental hygiene and ensuring proper health development. 

  • The puffy bars are a must-have as they are specifically crafted for senior dogs. These puffy bars have the perfect crunch and texture, allowing seniors dogs and dogs who may not have strong teeth enjoy treat time too. 

Single Ingredient Treats 

Dogsee Chew’s single ingredient treats are just that - treats that are made of a single ingredient and nothing else. Dogsee are made from real fruits and veggies so your pup can get all the nutrients that nature has to offer. These are especially great if your pup has food allergies so you can easily trace it to one ingredient. Plus, in the case your pup is allergic to one of the flavors, you still have 3 left to choose from. 

When you have a dog with a sensitive stomach, it is all the more important to ensure that they’re consuming the right treats. Now that you know the expert guide to choosing the best dental chews, you can ensure that your pup has a happy and healthy development. 

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