Wondering why some dogs are constantly itching or shaking their heads? Or gnawing on their paws all the time? Or why they have watery eyes or red ears?

Well, could be that the doggo is suffering from dog allergy.

According to Vet Info, food allergies are known to affect 10% of all doggos and is mostly caused by a food source that their body sees as a threat. 

As a pet parent, it is important to know the symptoms to look out for, the preventive measures to take and how to make the right dog nutrition choices for doggos prone to allergies. Understanding the basics of dog health, nutrition and care will ensure that your doggo has a happy and healthy life and you get more happy hugs and wet kisses in turn!

Symptoms of a dog allergy

Allergies are a part of the common dog diseases that can be witnessed among all breeds. The first signs of allergies can be seen when they are 6 months or more, though it is more common in doggos who are 1 or 2 years. 

The most common symptoms of a dog allergy include - 

1. Frequent ear infections

If your doggo suffers from ear infections that require treatment more than twice or thrice in a year, chances are high that it’s due to a food allergy. The infection would probably look like a yeast build-up, black or brown coloured and stinky. Your doggo can continuously scratch the affected year and shake their head.

Prescribed medications may temporarily provide relief, but fail to cure it altogether.

2. Red/brown nail beds

Doggo’s nails are mostly white, with a pinkish nail bed. A change in the colour of their nail bed, especially red (almost like blood) or brown can be a symptom of inflammation in the immune system.

Discolouration of nails could also be due to thyroid issues or a foot injury, so it is recommended to seek veterinary guidance before making changes in your doggo’s diet.

3. Inflammation around the lips

Pink or inflamed lips, feet and skin are indicative of yeast colonization, which is mostly triggered by food allergies. The affected area can get itchy and cause discomfort to your doggo. This symptom is more noticeable in white coat pooches. 

This can be a symptom of sunburn also (yes, your pooches can get it too!) but if that’s ruled out, it can be due to food allergies. 

4. Itchy skin and dull coat

If your doggo itches continuously without getting any relief, even leading to hair loss in the affected areas, along with a red underbelly - the signs can indicate a food allergy. 

The skin underneath the fur can look dry and inflamed, with no relief from bathing or conditioning. 

However, not just food but even pollen and flea allergy can cause the same symptom in your doggo.

5. Watery eyes

Just like hoomans, your doggos can also experience watery eyes as a symptom of food allergy. Frequent scratching of the eyes, clogged tear duct or sticky discharge can lead to more tear production that further causes staining as well as irritation. 

The symptom can also be due to eye trauma, so expert guidance is always recommended before bringing any changes in your doggo’s life.

Apart from food allergies, doggos can also suffer from seasonal allergies, caused by environmental allergens like pollen, weeds, grass, mould, fungi, etc. The symptoms are almost similar to the ones caused by food allergies. So make sure to take veterinary guidance for allergy treatment for dogs, instead of self-medication. 

Remedies to Prevent Allergies

Here are a few dog allergy remedies that you can adopt on a regular basis to prevent allergies in your doggos - 

1. Routine hygiene

Basic hygiene and bathing is a part of routine doggy care required to keep allergies at bay. Use a mild shampoo specially formulated for them for thorough cleansing.  Doggos that are exposed to a lot of dirt or dust need frequent bathing compared to the ones who spend more time at home.

2. Healthy diet

Your doggo’s diet should be healthy, with a proper balance of fatty acids, protein and essential vitamins. The right diet can help avoid skin diseases in your doggos. Moreover, a healthy diet also ensures a healthy coat, which further helps to block out pollen, dust and other allergens. 

3. Consult in case of special breeds

There are certain breeds of doggos that are prone to certain allergies. For example, pit bulls are likely to develop allergies from a particular type of grass. Hence, it is important to consult your vet to understand what your pet is susceptible to in order to prevent such allergies.                     

Choosing the Right Dog Treats to Prevent Allergies

Here are some things to keep in mind while choosing dog treats to prevent the chances of allergies in your doggos - 

1. Choose Natural

Always opt for natural dog treats that do not contain any artificial ingredients, chemicals and preservatives. Dog treats like Dogsee are human-grade treats that are 100% natural and safe for consumption without triggering any allergic reactions. 

2. Choose lesser ingredients

Dog treats that are made from minimal ingredients are the best option for sensitive or allergy-prone doggos. These treats do not contain unwanted fillers that can tend to cause an allergic reaction while bringing down the nutritive value of the treat. For example, Dogsee single-ingredient Crunch treats are loaded with the goodness of fruits of veggies that not only keeps your doggo healthy and happy but also helps prevent the chances of allergies.

3. Choose gluten-free treats

A lot of doggos suffer from gluten intolerance and having grain and gluten-filled treats can aggravate their allergic condition. Wheat, corn and soy are among the common ingredients that cause allergies in dogs. Commercial gluten-containing treats mostly contain these ingredients and have a high chance of triggering a reaction in your pooch. 

Grain and gluten-free treats also have a higher protein content which is beneficial for the well-being of your furry friend.

Dogsee 100% Natural and Gluten-Free Dog Treats

Dogsee understands what doggos mean to their pet parents, and so Dogsee treats are 100% natural, grain and gluten-free treats. Handcrafted with love, these human-grade treats are made from minimal ingredients, minus artificial flavour and colouring that promotes safe consumption even for dogs suffering from allergies. 

A popular favourite among doggos, Dogsee treats are available as -

Hard bars - Long lasting bars made from cow and yak cheese that are not just yummy but also great for dental and oral hygiene.

Puffed treats - Tasty and healthy soft Himalayan treats that go gentle on the gums but great for teeth health. 

Crunch - Single-ingredient training treats made from real fruits and vegetables and loaded with health benefits. They’re available in 4 flavours - apple, beetroot, banana and coconut.

It’s not just you, but we too love seeing your dogs be healthy and happy, and that’s why Dogsee treats are as pure as your love! 

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