A little pup is cute, adorable and bound to fill your home with happiness and laughter. Along with all the love and affection, puppies also bring certain challenges for pet parents - like training, proper growth and development and teething.

Just like it is with hooman babies, puppies also do not have any teeth when they are born. For the next 6 months, they undergo various teething stages. By 8 weeks, they have 28 milk teeth. The permanent set of teeth for most doggos are ready by 7 months. However, this milk to adult teeth transition can be a period for discomfort, irritation and pain for them. Proper care and safe dog treats for teething can ease their pain during this time. 

Common Symptoms of Puppy Teething

How do you know that your pup is actually teething and the irritated nature is not a behavioural problem? Of course, a visible missing tooth is the most common symptom of teething. However, apart from that there are some other teething symptoms too that pet parents should be aware of in order to take the right action. They include - 

1. Chewing almost everything

An integral part of a doggo’s life is chewing - it’s a natural thing for them. However, if you notice a sudden increased interest in chewing, the reason is probably teething. This is the time they would go out of their way and start chewing everything they find, your household items being the most interesting thing among all. 

In these times, puppy teething treats and toys can be of great help to soothe their irritation as well as to protect your cushions and mats. Long-lasting chews are especially beneficial at this time. Contrary to common misconceptions, you can also give hard chews to your puppies now. Moreover, it also becomes a learning session for young pups where they start differentiating between their ‘chewing things’ and your things, which benefits the parent-doggo relationship in the long run.

2. Drooling more than often

Teething puppies tend to suffer from irritation, and gum and mouth pain. This discomfort causes them to drool very often, more than they did in the initial days. Even if they are chewing, you would find them drooling and slobbering - thus indicating that the teething process has begun.

3. Eating slowly

The pain in the gums and mouth caused by teething increases when your little furry friend has to eat. You may notice that your pup who once gulped down food in a jiffy is taking longer hours to finish their food. Puffed-up treats are a good option during this time as doggos will be able to manage them easily.

Sometimes puppies who experience a lot of pain may stop eating altogether. It is recommended to visit a vet for suggestions to help your little pup in the teething process.

4. Red, swollen or bleeding gums

Red and swollen gums are common symptoms of teething too, and it is normal as the milk teeth get replaced with the adult teeth. If your puppy’s gums are sensitive, it may also cause bleeding at times. So if you find some blood in their chew toys, there is nothing to be worried about. 

If you feel the bleeding of the gums are too much for teething, you can get veterinary advice on puppy care and take guidance. 

5. Excessive whining

Puppies, like human babies, tend to whine a lot in the initial days, but get over it after a period of time. However, if you notice them getting back to constant whining, it may be an indication that their teething process has begun. The sensitivity in the teeth and gums is the cause for such behaviour. 

Dogsee’s Natural Puppy Treats for Teething 

Healthy puppy treats are one of the best ways to keep your pup engaged during the teething session, and at the same time provide relief from the discomfort. But, choosing the right and safe dog treat is also important as you also have to check how many calories you are feeding your pup. For first-time pet parents, choosing the right puppy chew sticks can be a bit overwhelming with so many options available at hand. 

Natural puppy treats like Dogsee are loaded with essential nutrients, which not only eases your pup’s irritation but also helps in their growth and development.

Dogsee treats are available as - 

Hard Bars - Dogsee hard bars are made with the goodness of Himalayan cheese, and are full of calcium and protein. These long lasting bars keep your pup engaged for longer durations. They also keep the breath fresh and prevent plaque and tartar. They are also available in turmeric flavour, which supports immunity. 

Crunchies - Crunchies are cheese treats that are smoked dried to perfection for over 35 days.  They are further heated slightly to give the treats a crunchy texture. These treats are rich in protein, and not just soothes your pup’s irritation but also keeps their skin healthy and coat shiny.

Crunch - Dogsee Crunch are single ingredient dog treats that are freeze-dried to retain all essential nutrients. Made from real fruits and vegetables, sourced from the choicest farms, these treats are ideal for puppies during the teething period. They are available in four flavours - apple, banana, coconut and beetroot.

The teething period can be a little difficult both for pups and pet parents, having to see them go through discomfort and pain. However, it is a part of their natural growing up process, and they would get over it soon. Making the right food & treat choices for nutrition and giving your furry friends all the love and care can help them get over this period. 

Do share your experiences and valuable tips of how you’ve dealt with your doggo’s teething period. We would love to hear real experiences from pet parents!

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