One of the most common questions asked by dog parents is introducing long-lasting treats for the first time. The second most asked question is why does my dog have a loose stool after eating new treats. Here, both of these questions are intertwined with each other. How you introduce your dog to new treats or long-lasting dog chews determines how his digestive system will react to the new treat. Therefore, it is important first to understand and know how to introduce safe dog treats to your little one. 

Here are some tips and tricks to know when introducing your pup to anything, but especially treats for the first time. 

Play with the Treat

If this is your pup's first time seeing a treat, especially a hard chew, they might not know what to do with it. It is similar to when they are presented with their own toy. You have to show them how to play with the toy first. When it comes to dog chews, you can play a game of fetch or hide and seek. This will excite your pup and urge them to use their instinct to 'hunt' for 

their food. 

Let Them Chew for a Few Minutes under Supervision

Sometimes, not always, a dog's digestive system acts up when it is introduced to a new food or treat. Imagine eating only fresh foods and salads your entire life. Then one day, you decide to try international cuisine packed with new flavors and spices. How would your stomach react to this unfamiliar substance? Probably not well the first time, but with consistent exposure to the same substance, it will adapt to the flavors and won't "act" up anymore.

Similarly, sometimes, when you introduce your dog to a new treat, their stomach isn't used to the new substance yet. This results in your dog having some discomfort or loose stool on the first couple of tries. So it is important to introduce the dog chew slowly. 

First, hold out the dog chew. Let your dog sniff and chew on the dog chew for a few minutes. Then take the dog's chew away and monitor their stool for the day. If everything is fine, then increase the chewing sessions. If they happen to have loose stool, then wait a couple of days and reintroduce the dog chew for the same increment. 

It is important to note that even if your dog seems perfectly fine, you should always give long-lasting dog chews under supervision.

Incorporate Them into their Regular Food

When you switch to new dog food, vets usually recommend introducing the new food slowly by adding a little bit to their regular food until it is done. This helps their digestive system get used to the new flavor and ingredients and prevents an upset stomach. 

Similarly, when introducing long-lasting dog chews, give them to your pup during mealtimes. Let them have few chews while eating their regular food to help them get accustomed to the new treat slowly. After a week, you can let them chew on the long-lasting dental treats all by themselves. 

Impact of Long-Lasting Dog Chews on Pup’s Health

The purpose of giving your little one long-lasting chews is to soothe their irritation during teething, maintain their dental health between brushing sessions, provide relief from anxiety, and protect them from diseases while keeping them entertained. Therefore, it is crucial to choose safe dog chews that aid your pup’s nutrition.

Treats are only as good as their ingredients and the way they are made. When buying dog chew, look at the ingredients and make sure that they are 100% natural and free from preservatives, chemicals, or additives. Natural puppy treats support healthy development, while chews containing preservatives and chemicals deteriorate your little one’s health. Most of the time, there won’t be any apparent symptoms as they are causing slow harm that is almost undiagnosable until it is too late.  

Safe and Healthy Long-Lasting Chew for your Little One

With so many commercial chews available on the market today, it can get pretty overwhelming to pick out safe dog chews. We are going to break down a couple of our favorite long-lasting chews that will ensure healthy development. 

Dogsee Chew Hard Bars

These long-lasting chews are made from cow and yak cheese that is handcrafted and smoke-dried for extra hardness. Unlike rawhides, bully sticks, and antlers in the market, these dog dental chews become softer when they come in contact with saliva and as your dog keeps chewing. With these dog dental chews, you will never have to worry about dental diseases, broken teeth, or swollen gums. Moreover, when your dog chews on these treats, the hard surface helps remove any plaque and tartar buildup, freshen breath, and maintain dental health between brushing sessions!

Besides their regular hard bars, Dogsee Chew also has turmeric-infused hard chews packed with curcumin and other powerful nutrients. In addition to improving dental health, these dog dental chews help provide relief from pain and inflammation, and support joint health. 

Introducing dog chews for the first time to your little one can be daunting. But remember, long-lasting dog chews are extremely beneficial to your dog! Just keep these tips & tricks in mind next time you are out buying long-lasting dental chews to your pup.

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