Bite, Eat, Sleep, Repeat. Biting furniture, hands, ankles, feet, and any object within grasp is the routine of a 2-month-old puppy with a lot of energy and teething discomfort. This is a routine you will either have to get accustomed to or find a solution for. Lucky for you, you will not have to scour the internet for answers. We have the perfect solution that will keep your ankles, furniture, and household items safe from puppy teeth.

Puppies are avid chewers by nature. At 2 months, your puppy is still going through teething. This time, they are old enough to get into things and hold their own when you try to get them away from your sofa or socks. Finding safe dog treats will help divert your pup from unsafe objects, keep them busy, and provide countless health benefits. 

Keep in mind that finding safe dog treats for puppies is not an easy task by any means. Stick around to learn how to choose safe puppy chew sticks and how they can help prevent destructive behaviors. 

Benefits of Puppy Chew Sticks

At first glance, you might think puppy chew sticks are a waste of money. But they actually serve many purposes and offer a lot of health benefits you probably didn't know. 

Let's take a look at the benefits that puppy chew sticks offer.

Dental Hygiene

Dogs get their instinct to chew from their wild ancestors. When dogs used to be wild animals, chewing was how they maintained their dental health. Domesticated dogs live a different lifestyle that requires a different approach to dental care. They require a proper dental regimen similar to what humans follow. 

It is recommended by vets that dog parents brush their pup's teeth at least 2-3x a week. Weekly brushing is no easy feat. Since teeth are a sensitive part of your dog's body, they generally do not respond well to people touching them. On the other hand, plaque and tartar start forming within 24 hours of mealtime. 

Let's say you brushed your pup's teeth on Sunday before his dinner. By Monday morning, plaque will once again start forming. When plaque formation is left untreated, it can turn into tartar and cause serious dental diseases. 

Hard Chews help prevent plaque and tartar formation. As they scrape against the teeth, the hard chews help remove plaque buildup and keep your pup's teeth clean. They also promote fresh breath. 

It is important to remember that hard chews are not a substitute for weekly brushing. It is more of a supplement that helps maintain dental health in-between brushing sessions. You can give these chews every day under supervision for a few hours. 


Idle paws often lead to destructive behavior. When your puppy is bored, they are more likely to turn to aggressive chewing and biting unsafe household objects to cure their boredom. 

Long-lasting puppy dental chews provide mental stimulation and keep your puppy entertained while you are busy. The constant chewing and gnawing will tire your pup out, giving you time to enjoy some much needed R&R as well. 

We recommend only giving puppies dental chews under supervision to prevent choking hazards. 

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is prevalent among puppies and dogs. Separation anxiety occurs when your puppy starts feeling anxious when they are about to be left alone. This can be triggered by a small action such as hearing your key jingle. 

Other anxieties include getting agitated by fireworks during holidays, thunderstorms, or being around strangers. Dental chews help relieve the anxiety by getting your puppy back to its calm state. Their intense focus on chewing distracts your puppy from the triggers. 

Keep in mind that puppy dental chews are not the cure to anxiety but rather a temporary relief. When puppy dental chews are used with proper training, they can help soothe your little one and prevent destructive behaviors often associated with anxiety.  

How to Pick Safe Puppy Chews

There are a few common misconceptions around puppy chew sticks. But fret not; it all comes down to choosing the right puppy chew sticks.

Here are some tips and tricks for choosing safe puppy chew sticks

Remember, Tougher doesn’t Always Mean Better.

Rawhides and bully sticks are some of the popular hard chews in the market, but they are too tough for puppies. 

When your puppy exerts all their energy onto rawhides or bully sticks, they run into the risk of some serious dental problems. These chews can cause broken teeth and swollen gums. Moreover, these chews are not digestible. If your puppy accidentally swallows a piece of rawhide or bully sticks, it can lead to choking or, worse, get dislodged in the stomach, requiring surgery. 

A safer alternative to rawhides is long-lasting hard chews made from cow and yak cheese. These puppy dental chews are  hard enough to scrape any particles stuck between your puppy's teeth but they also soften when pups chew on them, eliminating the risk of broken teeth or swollen gums. Moreover, these chews are easy for puppies to chew and digest. 

Ingredients Matter

It sounds like a pretty simple rule, right? On the surface, it can seem like a pretty easy task to pick out healthy puppy chews. But we live in a time where “healthy,” “nutrients,” and “health benefits” have become popular marketing tactics. 

Therefore, it is important to know and understand what goes into making puppy chew sticks. A good rule of thumb is to always look at the back of the packaging. If a brand claims to be “all-natural,” but you find unfamiliar, technical names on the ingredient list, it’s a safe bet to put it back on the shelf. 

Nowadays, most commercial pet food brands mass manufacture their products because they need to stock multiple shelves at different retailers. When they mass manufacture, these products go through heavy processing. Heavy processing alters the natural component of an ingredient, which then requires preservatives and chemicals. These preservatives and chemicals then turn toxic and harm your pet’s health slowly. 

In some cases, your puppy might seem fine throughout its life. One day, a normal checkup can turn into a series of unfortunate events caused by these preservatives. 


It is always important to ensure that puppy chew sticks are easily digestible. Rawhides, for example, have a poor reputation when it comes to digestibility. They are not easily digestible, and therefore, sometimes can lead to choking hazards. 

Moreover, if your puppy accidentally swallows a chunk of rawhide, your pup's body won't be able to break down the rawhide easily. In fact, rawhides expand when they come in contact with water. When they are in your puppy's stomach, they can actually expand and cause serious health risks such as an obstruction. 

Healthy Hard Chews for Puppies

Dogsee Chew Regular Hard Bars

These hard bars are handcrafted using 100% pure and natural cow and yak cheese, a pinch of lemon, and salt. These long-lasting puppy chews are made from natural ingredients to fuel your pup with natural nutrients while maintaining their dental hygiene. 

Moreover, they instantly melt once your pup starts chewing them, making them easily digestible. Unlike rawhides or bully sticks, these long-lasting puppy chews will not cause any health hazards. 

Dogsee Chew Turmeric Hard Bars

A new variation to the regular hard bars, these long-lasting chews are infused with turmeric. When your pup chews on these long-lasting turmeric chews, they are getting much more than teething relief or even optimal dental health. Curcumin, a strong antioxidant present in turmeric, helps support joint health, relieve pain and inflammation, and boost immunity. 

Now that you know how long-lasting dog chews can help your pup, try out some of these dog chews to keep your little one happy and healthy!

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