Dogsee Crunch

The Single-Ingredient
Training Treat

to delight your dog

More treats, woof please!

After the success of Dogsee Chew, many pet parents asked us how to give their doggos more of natural food. Fruits and veggies were an obvious answer. But how to get dogs to eat them without the fuss and messiness? Simple, freeze-dry or fat-separate them. And voila, Dogsee Crunch was born. Treats that are delicious and crunchy with no harmful tastemakers and preservatives and whatnots. And there you have it, the goodness of nature that parents can easily feed and dogs everywhere can love. They’re the best healthy puppy training treats made with fresh fruits and vegetables and are ideal for a shiny coat!

More treats, woof please!

Home Delivering Nature to Dogs

Fruity goodness at your doorstep

Fruity goodness at your doorstep

Apple of our eyes

Freeze-Dried/ Fat-Separated

Nutrients remain intact

Real fruits/ veggies and nothing else



Grain and Gluten-Free


Ideal for Training